The Columbia Journal Review recently reported on a new “first-of-its-kind” study by NULab Co-Director David Lazer, NULab core faculty member John Wihbey, Lazer Lab Research Associate Thalita Coleman, and Network Science Institute postdoc Kenneth Joseph.

Wihbey recently presented the paper, “Exploring the Ideological Nature of Journalists’ Social Networks on Twitter and Associations with News Story Content” at the KDD Data Science + Journalism Workshop/Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a presentation that was supported by a NULab travel grant.

As CJR reports, the study “looked at 1,000 journalists at 25 news media outlets, along with all of the people the reporters follow on Twitter, and the half a million news articles they collectively produced.” CJR interviewed Wihbey about the study and its results:

“The data shows journalists from right-leaning outlets usually have a right-leaning followership (those they follow), while those from left-leaning outlets tend to have a left-leaning followership. While some might say, “isn’t that obvious?” Wihbey points out no one has ever been able to quantify the point before, and it’s an important first step to understanding Twitter and its impact.”

Read the full interview here; read the study here.