Who is eligible to enroll in the DH graduate certificate program? 

Graduate students at Northeastern are eligible to enroll in the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities while completing degree requirements for their doctoral and master’s programs. This is not a stand alone certificate. Students are expected to complete it during the course of their existing programs of study. Students from a wide range of disciplines and fields—including History, English, and Journalism—have completed this certificate.

What are the expectations for final DH certificate projects? 

As part of the certificate, students will develop a project that involves a substantive design or implementation component, using digital methods to address a significant research question in the student’s field of study. Currently, students may follow two potential project types: a project “artifact” (that is, a single item such as a digital exhibit or edition) or a project “portfolio.” Regardless of which option the student chooses, it will be accompanied by a written project description and reflection (around 3,000 words), covering the project methods and justification, data, tools, standards, and other details of implementation. Students also share their projects with the NULab community in fifteen-minute presentations, typically scheduled for April in the year that the student completes the certificate. For more information about these guidelines and to see examples of past projects, please see the Project page.

Where do I go to find the classes offered each semester that count toward the DH certificate?

For information about upcoming courses for the DH Graduate Certificate, please see the Upcoming Classes page on the NULab website. This page is updated regularly as information becomes available.

Am I eligible to take classes outside of my department for the DH certificate? 

The DH certificate is an interdisciplinary program with courses taught by NULab faculty from many different departments and schools. Students in this program can take classes from outside of their home departments. However, each department has a different registration process for classes outside the department, which might include a request form available either online or through a graduate coordinator. For information about all the classes from different departments that can be used to meet program requirements, please see the Certificate requirements. Additional information regarding upcoming classes is available here.

How can I find out about DH research and projects happening at Northeastern?

For information about DH projects happening at Northeastern, please visit the Current Projects and Past Projects pages on the NULab website. Additional projects that receive funding through the NULab can be found on the NULab Seedling Grant page. For other digital scholarship initiatives at Northeastern, visit the Digital Scholarship Group (DSG) Project Page. For ongoing and past projects from the Networks Science Institute at Northeastern, visit their Project Page.

Are there any workshops or additional learning opportunities for students to gain skills applicable to their projects?

For information about upcoming workshops or events related to digital humanities, please see the events pages for the NULab and the DSG.

If I am interested in this program, where do I go to learn more?

For more information about this program, please email the Graduate Certificate Coordinator, Sarah Connell, sa.connell[at]northeastern[dot]edu.