Tapas is the TEI Archiving Publishing and Access Service for scholars and other creators of TEI data who need a place to publish their materials in different forms and ensure it remains accessible over time. Tapas is also for anyone interested in reading and exploring TEI data, and communicating with those that share that interest. The goal of TAPAS is to provide TEI publishing and repository services at low cost to those who lack institutional resources: faculty, students, librarians, archivists, teachers, and anyone else with TEI data who wants to store, share, and publish it. TAPAS seeks to achieve these goals in a collaborative, open, and community-driven way using open-source tools. Learn more about Tapas at the website.


Flanders, Julia, Syd Bauman, Ashley Clark, Ben Doyle, and William Reed Quinn. “TAPAS Classroom: Experiments with TEI in Humanities Pedagogy.” TEI 2017 Conference. Victoria, BC.