In this 1-hour session, we have CAMD graduate student Skye Moret-Ferguson and in-house Snell library visualization expert Steven Braun tell us about how they got interested in data visualization, how thinking about effective visualizations can give us a better understanding of the data itself and what are the cutting edge technologies making waves in the this field.

Participants are encouraged to take the conversation out to a nearby bar or coffee place after the event.

Graduate students from all departments are welcome!
Contact: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [ r . gala [at] neu . edu ]

One of the core motivations behind this collective is to start a conversation between graduate students that transcends the arbitrary boundaries of our chosen specializations. Data visualization as a field embodies this idea. If you work with any kind of data, organizing and presenting the interpretations in salient and meaningful ways forms a large part of the effort. Knowing the available tools, and having a definite thought process to approach the task at hand are important ingredients towards creating effective communication. This session is aimed at having a discussion about 1) how professionals approach data visualization, 2) our go-to tools and resources to create nuanced and memorable stories (i.e. posters/presentation slides etc.) and 3) learning about the resources available for the same at the library.