Network science resources include tutorials, datasets, and other useful links for creating network visualizations and performing network analysis.


  • Gephi – Open source and free network data visualization tool.
  • Network visualization tutorials written by Katya Ognyanova of Rutgers University:
    • Visualization with R – Workshop material from the Sunbelt 2019 Network Science Conference on how to do network visualizations using R.
    • Visualization with Gephi – Workshop material form the Sunbelt 2016 Network Science Conference on how to create network visualizations using Gephi software.
  • Network Science – Textbook written by Northeastern Professor Albert-László Barabási.
  • Social Network Analysis – Social network analysis tutorial written by Matthew Denny for the Institute for Social Science Research at UMass Amherst.
  • Social Network Analysis basics – Social network analysis basics slideshow for the MIT Fall 2011 workshop in IT: Collaborative Innovation Networks by Johannes Putzke of the University of Cologne.
  • Network Science with Python: