This is an ongoing curation of various datasets, tools, articles, code, and tutorials for doing digital research. The pages linked here include materials that can facilitate personal research and coding practice as well as classwork, assignments, and teaching.

Data Sets

One of the most challenging aspects of digital work can be finding an appropriate data set. The data sets that can be found here are in many different formats, both structured and unstructured, numerical and textual.

Text Analysis Resources

The text analysis resources here cover topics such as installing computer programming languages (like R and Python), running exploratory scripts of word tokenizations and counts, and more advanced approaches like topic modeling and word embedding models.

GIS and Visualization

This page is focused on frameworks and guidelines for designing and creating spatial visualizations and working with geographic data for analysis.

Network Science and Analysis

Network science resources include tutorials, datasets, and other useful links for creating network visualizations and performing network analysis.

Digital Projects

This page collects resources for the production and maintenance of digital projects.