“Fugitive Texts: Searching for Attributions in the Viral Texts Data”

by Abby Mullen (History Department)
When: Thursday, April 2nd from 2-3pm
Where: 422 Snell
The Viral Texts project is all about the reuse of text in nineteenth-century publications. Surrounding those texts are paratexts that can help us to understand a great deal more about these shared texts, and about the people who transmitted them. These paratexts tell conflicting, elusive, and sometimes endearing stories about the texts they describe. In this talk, Abby will be discussing some initial results from the Viral Texts team’s investigation into some of these “fugitive texts.”
Abby Mullen is a PhD student in Northeastern’s History Department. Her probable dissertation topic is an investigation of the international context of the Barbary Wars. For the past three years, she has worked as a research fellow in the NULab, where she is a member of the Viral Texts team.
About The NULab Works-in-Progress Series:
The NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks is Northeastern’s center for Digital Humanities and Computational Social Science. This series invites the Northeastern community to hear NULab faculty members and graduate students discuss their exciting digital scholarship in greater detail. For more information about The NULab, Viral Texts, and other digital projects, visit web.northeastern.edu/nulab. Follow The NULab on Twitter @NULabTMN.