The Margaret Fuller Transnational Archive aims to digitally map networks of publication involving Margaret Fuller and the circles of European and American political and cultural figures, including Horace Greeley, and Giuseppe Mazzini and Cristina Trivulzio di Belgiojoso with whom she came into contact during the years 1846-1850, when she lived in Europe.

As the research and the technological application are an ongoing process, we invite scholars and students to browse the exhibits and items presented, and to enter a conversation about collaborations in Nineteenth-century Revolutionary Europe.

The Margaret Fuller Transnational Archive (MFTA) Project Team:

Sonia Di Loreto, Università di Torino (Italy)

Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Northeastern University

Ryan Cordell, Northeastern University

Leslie Eckel, Suffolk University

Noelle A. Baker, independent scholar

William Bond, PhD student, Norheastern University

Sarah Payne, PhD student, Northeastern University


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