NULab Co-Director David Lazer has co-authored an Op-Ed with Professor Matthew Baum of Harvard University for the L. A. Times: “Google and Facebook aren’t fighting fake news with the right weapons.” In this article, Lazer and Baum assert that the solutions companies such as Google and Facebook are pursuing in response to the problem of fake news “aren’t in many instances the ones social scientists and computer scientists are convinced will work,” as was made evident in a recent conference the authors convened at Harvard.

The article makes several recommendations based on current research: “editors, producers, distributors and aggregators need to stop repeating these stories, especially in their headlines”; internet platforms “need to move suspect news stories farther down the lists of items returned through search engines or social media feeds”; and “the public must hold Facebook, Google and other platforms to account for their choices.”

Read more results from the conference on fake news in a recently-released report here.