NULab Core Faculty Member John Wihbey was recently interviewed by Jason Kornwitz of News@Northeastern about the impact of Facebook Live and other online video streaming services. The interview was prompted by the Easter Sunday shooting by Steve Stephens, which Stephens video recorded and posted to Facebook.

In light of this and similar headlines in recent months, Kornwitz asks Wihbey, “Is Facebook Live worth the trouble it’s generating for the world’s largest social media network?” Wihbey points out that the video streaming component of Facebook makes business sense–users generate more content for the site. It is also in line with recent technological trends, he notes.

Despite the negative uses of the service, Wihbey says, “I still believe that Facebook Live is worth the trade-offs. It has played an important role in bringing issues to public attention that otherwise might not surface, including the protests at Standing Rock over the Dakota Access Pipeline and questionable use of police force against citizens.”

You can read the full interview here.