To prepare for the workshop, our instructors have provided some readings for the participants to do in advance, as well as instructions for software installation.

Data Cleaning Software Installation & Reading

In advance of the workshop,
–Download OpenRefine ( and look at the video tutorials.
–Read Mia Ridge’s blog post on cleaning data from the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum.

Network Analysis Software Installation

In advance of the workshop, please install Gephi network analysis software on your computer using these instructions.
–Download the software from
[Note: If you are running the Mavericks OS X on a Mac, you will need to do a little jury-rigging (thanks to Kurt Hackemer for figuring this out):  The issue is explained, along with a link to download Java from Apple, here: That same page explains that a file called gephic.conf needs to be modified, but this page ( explains how to actually access the file.]

–Read through the 3 slide tutorials found at
—–Gephi Quick Start
—–Gephi Tutorial: Visualization
—–Gephi Tutorial: Layouts

Readings on Social Network Analysis

Scott Weingart, Demystifying Networks, Parts I, II, VIII

Historical Network Research


Readings on GIS/Spatial History

David Bodenhamer, “The Potential of Spatial Humanities,” in The Spatial Humanities: GIS and the Future of Humanities Scholarship, ed. David Bodenhamer, John Corrigan, and Trevor M. Harris. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2010.