The NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks is delighted to announce that our calendar of events for the 2018–2019 academic year will be focused around the theme of digital storytelling. We will be hosting a number of exciting talks, workshops, symposia, and other events, starting with the NULab/DSG Fall Welcome on September 24, co-hosted with the Digital Scholarship Group and featuring keynote speaker Professor Monica Martinez of Brown University, primary investigator for the Mapping Violence project. In October, we will hold a kickoff panel on digital storytelling, featuring presentations from several NULab faculty members.

The NULab will be bringing several visiting speakers to Northeastern: Professor Peter Dodds of the University of Vermont in October and Nil Tuzcu of the Harvard Kennedy School, Center for International Development, on November 15. We will be organizing several workshops on tools for working with digital materials and constructing digital narratives: Women Writers Vector Toolkit on October 30, GitHub on November 7, and Tropy on November 13. We will also be holding “Speed Data-ing,” our annual research sharing event, on October 31 as well as a digital assignments showcase on October 24.

Please view the full fall semester calendar with final event dates and details here: