Two postdoctoral positions in computational social science are available at the Network Science Institute, to work with David Lazer and Christoph Riedl. Candidates will be expected to work on a combination of their own research and collaborative projects within the institute.

Research projects at the Network Science Institute usually include a mix of theoretical and empirical work with large-scale network datasets (mobile phone, art exhibitions, crowdsourcing, team collaboration) and often involves collaboration with large industry partners. Visit to get a sense of recent publications. Key conceptual foci range from understanding social processes on networks, the flow of information and misinformation in sociotechnical systems, collaboration in groups and organizations, social influence, and collective intelligence.

Particular priorities for hiring this year are:  (1) experience in (online) experiments; (2) demonstrated capability to work with large network data, especially social media data.

A wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds will be considered (current/past disciplines represented in the Institute include computational social science, computer science, political science, economics, sociology, applied math, and cognitive psychology) but ability to handle and analyze large data sets, creative thinking, and an interest in working collaboratively across disciplines is a must. Compensation will be competitive.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter, CV, and two letters of reference to Janette Briceno <> by September 31. We are looking for someone to start by January; please address your availability in your cover letter. Please label e-mails with POSTDOC 2018.