The NULab now offers a certificate program in digital humanities whose curriculum centers on a full-year, one-credit practicum course taught by NULab faculty. Course meetings will include class discussion, guest presentations, and guided research to be shared on the NULab web site. Students should register for INSH 7910.

The course explores the broad domains of digital humanities and computational social science, with special attention to the distinctive methods, research questions, tools, and assumptions at work. Specific research areas might include text mining, visualization, text encoding, network science, mapping and GIS, and any other areas of shared interest. Participants will be encouraged to draw on work they are doing for other classes or research projects. No prior technical experience or familiarity with the field is required, but participants should be prepared to identify an area of research interest that is connected in some way with the general domain of digital humanities, computational social science, and related fields. Readings and discussion topics will be determined based on the interests of the participants.

Students interested in more information about the workshop should contact the faculty (Elika Ortega and Julia Flanders).