Garrett Morrow : NULab Fellow

Garrett Morrow

NULab Fellow
Garrett Morrow's Twitter

Garrett Morrow is a 3rd year PhD student in Political Science. His research is concerned with natural and man-made disaster resilience policy, networked governance, and the effects of physical place on social capital. He employs a mixed-methods approach combining geographic information systems, network analysis, statistics, and computational text analysis. Outside of research, Garrett is an avid runner and dedicated baseball fan.

Jeff Sternberg : NULab Fellow

Jeff Sternberg

NULab Fellow
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Jeff is a 5th year PhD Candidate in the Sociology Department. His research is primarily concerned with charting the shifting geographies of employment opened up by post-industrialization. He focuses on how young people make decisions regarding their future and where to invest their mobility. Jeff’s dissertation research investigates these processes by looking at mobile populations including backpackers, temporary-workers, and digital nomads in the context of urban co-living spaces. He utilizes a mixed-methods approach, using techniques from the computational social sciences, including text analysis and social network analysis, coupled with multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork in Los Angeles, CA and Dharamsala, India. His work as a research assistant investigates the potential application of computer vision to social science inquiries.