Kenny Oravetz : NULab Fellow

Kenny Oravetz

NULab Fellow
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Kenneth (Kenny) Oravetz is a first year PhD student in the English department. His research focuses on visual narratives, structural experimentation in comics form, and representation of space and place. Kenny is involved in projects through the Women Writer's Project (WWP).

Sarah Payne : NULab Fellow

Sarah Payne

NULab Fellow
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Sarah is a PhD candidate in literature at Northeastern. Her research interests include gender and sexuality studies, modernism, critical race theory, and literature of the US South. Her dissertation, “Women Writing Racelessness: Performativity and Racial Absence in Twentieth Century Women’s Writing,” analyzes both historical and discursive attempts by women to opt out of racial identification. In addition to her NULab fellowship, Sarah also provides support and training for CERES, a Northeastern supported platform for creating digital archives.

Bill Quinn : NULab Fellow

Bill Quinn

NULab Fellow
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Bill Quinn is a PhD candidate in the English department, specializing in modernism and twentieth century periodicals. His dissertation examines the changing role of readers as they became more active in the production of print culture by writing letters to the editors of magazines and communicating with advertisers. In addition to working as a fellow in the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks, Bill is also the TAPAS Project Coordinator, a research assistant for the Historical and Multilingual OCR Project, and an encoder for the Women Writers Project.

Lara Rose Roberts : NULab Fellow

Lara Rose Roberts

NULab Fellow
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Lara Rose recently traded her home in the Rocky Mountains for a city built by the sea. From here (Boston), she studies historical and literary evidence of mental illness, racism, and oppression, and how those systemic issues affect American ideals of home and family. When she isn't studying for her comprehensive exams, she works on her forthcoming children's book in which a small furry creature, the Little Bump Cat, explores ideas of anxiety, adventure, and belonging.