Molly Nebiolo : Digital Teaching Integration Research Fellow

Molly Nebiolo

Digital Teaching Integration Research Fellow
Molly Nebiolo's Twitter

Molly Nebiolo is a third year PhD candidate in the History program. She completed her bachelor's degree in both history and biology from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Coming from a background of over four years' experience working as an IT Technician, Molly enjoys the multitude of interdisciplinary applications that come with working in the digital humanities, with their uses for her own work and as pedagogical frameworks for the classroom.

Rachel E. Molko : NULab Fellow

Rachel E. Molko

NULab Fellow
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Rachel wrapped up her M.A. in Writing and Rhetoric at University of Central Florida and is now a first-year Ph.D. candidate with NEU's English Department. Her thesis, "Rewriting Patriarchal Norms in Academia: Invitational Rhetoric in a Crowdsourced Survey," explores how the artifact served as a feminist discursive space by showcasing narratives that counter the status quo in academic workspaces. She plans to continue exploring feminist rhetorical practice throughout her time at Northeastern.

Hanyu Chwe : NULab Fellow

Hanyu Chwe

NULab Fellow
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Hanyu is a first year PhD student working both in the LAZER Lab and with Professor Donghee Jo. He graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Science from Swarthmore College in 2016. He is interested in texts, maps, social networks and broadly exploring the interdisciplinary nature of network science. 

Laura Johnson : NULab Fellow

Laura Johnson

NULab Fellow
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Laura Johnson is a first-year Ph.D. student in the English Department. She graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from Pacific Lutheran University and her research interests include digital humanities, gender and sexuality studies, and representation in archives and literature. As a recent transplant from the west coast, she can be found exploring Boston's historic streets in search of the perfect cup of tea and reading spot.