The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts


Helllllllooooooo NUHOC!

We are the Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club. We are one of the largest student groups on campus, and we attract hundreds of new students every semester. We take pride in the fact that we welcome all students interested in any outdoor activities to join us, so welcome!

NUHOC is fortunate to own Brown Memorial Lodge in Shelburne, NH, traditional land of the Abenaki nation. Our loj was built in 1971 by Northeastern students like yourself who wanted a place to spend weekends outside, in the woods, and away from the city. It is completely student run by the Loj Committee members (LCs) and Loj Committee Trainees (LCTs). We use it not only as a base-camp for nearly all of our trips, but also as our home away from home. If you’re interested in learning more about the loj, the Loj Committee, and NUHOC, visit our history page and come to our weekly meetings!

Meetings are every Wednesday at 7:30 PM, check our Facebook page or the meeting announcements on the homepage for the most up to date location.