The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts


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We are your trusty Eboard members! If you have any questions about the club, feel free to email any of us!

President: Lisa Sherman (She/Her)


Bio: Lisa is a fifth year chemical engineering major originally from the great midwestern state of Minnesota (which is definitely NOT flyover territory). She loves backpacking and long canoe trips, dabbles in climbing, and is always a fan of some good old fashioned relaxing hammocking. In the winter she can be seen hiking or excessively falling down the slopes attempting to ski. She has slated more Twenga wins than losses against, which I guess makes her kind of a big deal.

Loj Committee Chair: Mac Guthrie (She/Her)

nuhoc.lcc@gmail.com or guthriekmac@gmail.com 

Bio: Mac is a fourth-year Health Science major. Her superpower is being part energizer bunny, and her kryptonite is an inability to contain laughter. She loves ultra and trail running, backcountry skiing, climbing, baking, and shenanigans. If trying to find her, follow the loud, overly-enthusiastic voice.

Treasurer: Anna Schwarzweller (She/Her)


Bio: Anna is a Wegmans-loving, upstate NY native, who loves hiking with lots of people far away from other people. When Anna’s not sleeping in a hammock, finding the perfect instant coffee-to-water ratio, flipping over her bike handlebars, or breaking everything she touches, you can find her studying civil engineering. 

VP Organization: Nate LeCompte (He/Him)

Bio: Nate is a 5th year Mechanical Engineering Major from the beautiful Garden State. He loves hiking and backpacking and can be found most weekends at the Loj or on some trail in the Whites during normal times. Nate is a snowboarder who enjoys a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate at a mountain lodge or a smooshed sandwich and Little Debbie snack on the slope or side of a hiking trail. When he’s not immersed in a book or the swimming hole at the Loj, he can be found cooking for his friends or staying warm by the fire. If you’re looking for an easy going and approachable hiking buddy who can reserve Northeastern classrooms and vans, he’s your guy.

VP TripsGabby Hernandez (She/Her)

Bio: Gabby is a third year biochemistry major who loves backpacking and the Loj. Some of her favorite outdoor activities include hiking, climbing, and building fires (in appropriate locations). Her passion for the outdoors began when she led groups of children on week-long backpacking and canoeing trips in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She enjoys a good cup of tea and outdoor adventure books. 

VP Communications: Matt Blanco (He/Him)

Bio: Matt is a second year computer science and design student from New Jersey. Surrounded by pine trees growing up he quickly got into camping and shortly after backpacking, but is always down for any kind of adventure. If the weather’s nice you can usually find him in a hammock somewhere on campus.


VP Publicity: Shail Shah (He/Him)

Bio: Shail is a third year Finance and Accounting Major from the greatest state in the nation – New Jersey. Some of his favorite outdoor activities including hiking, biking and cooking up s’mores with hot cocoa. His ultimate goal in life is to discover peak foliage and to caption them with puns (which is no his fall-t of his own!). You can find him messing up slogans and grammar every day of the year so feel free to give him a shoutout on our socials to call him out on it. 

Gear Guys: Owen Poisson (He/Him)


Bio: Owen is a second year with a chemical engineering and biochemistry combined major. He always loves being outdoors when it’s snowing, and often when it isn’t raining, and sometimes when it is raining. His greatest NUHOC accomplishment is living to see another day after a glorious battle with Durio zibethinus (not the name of a Roman gladiator, but of an equally vicious Southeast Asian fruit). If you need outdoor gear or recommendations for hospitals near the Loj, he’s got you covered.

Activism Chair: Kat McElderry (She/They)


Bio: Kat is a third year Bioengineering major from Hood River, Oregon. She loves all outdoor adventures but especially outrigger canoeing. With this new Eboard position she hopes to help make NUHOC more accessible to all and encourage social and environmental change. Please let her know if you have any ideas, comments, or concerns. 

Ski Chair: Justin Flodman (He/Him)


Bio: Justin is a third year Computer Science and Business student from the North Shore of MA. He enjoys hiking, climbing, skiing, most water sports, and can usually can be found hanging in a hammock. Firm believer that “hot” is anything above 70F and 20F – 40F is most comfortable.

Permanent SGA Rep: Meg Dalrymple (She/Her)

Bio: On May 8, 1996 the world was changed for the better. Margaret Riley Anne Dalrymple II was born. Through much trial and tribulation growing up in middle class suburban New Jersey, she persevered and was accepted to Northwestern University. In fall of 2014, she began her quest for knowledge in biology. During her sophomore year she was dragged to the luxurious Quincy Quarries to try going up things, Given the prime environment, she was instantly hooked on climbing. Her middler year she became the NUHOC climbing chair and has been ever since. She plans on dying in a freak accident at 69, but until then wants to do rad things outside.