About Nuhoc

NUHOC is the outdoors club at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts


We are your trusty Eboard members! If you have any questions about the club, feel free to email any of us!

Bridget Jenal

Loj Committee Chair: Bridget Jenal nuhoc.lcc@gmail.com or bridget.jenal@gmail.com 

Bio: Bridget is a fifth year at Northeastern and like most NUHOCers is an engineering major (Bio to be exact). And while she didn’t write this herself, it’s probably just because she was too busy being a bad ass in the wilderness. She’s currently crushing the 48 4,000 ft mountains. She also enjoys skiing in the winter, planting things, cutting circular floors and keeping the rest of us hooligans in line.

President: Chris Kane kane.chr@husky.neu.edu

Bio: Chris is a MechE student entering his 5th and Final year at Northeastern. Chris has been involved in NUHOC since he was a Freshman after getting hooked on the outdoors through Intro to Climbing, Intro to Backpacking, and NUcomers. When he isn’t busy contemplating the ever-advancing void that is “post-graduation life” he enjoys hiking, backpacking, skiing, and biking really fast down Boylston.

TreasurerJackson Lynch nuhoc.receipts@gmail.com or lynch.ja@husky.neu.edu

Bio: Jackson is a middler here at Northeastern studying civil engineering. He loves walking up steep hills with a full backpack for several days at a time, riding down snowy hills on a plank of wood, and doing anything else that gets him out into the fresh air. He used to not be able to do a handstand but has been steadily improving, and dreams of one day holding a handstand for 10 seconds.

VP Organization: Burke Niner burke9er@gmail.com 

Bio: Burke is a forth year engineering student if I recall correctly. He enjoys being whisked away by the mountains and hopes to reach the top of all 50 states!! 

VP Trips: Erika Pszota erika.pszota@gmail.com

Bio: Erika is a fifth year Econ major but would rather grow up to be a cat.  She was too busy to do this herself, but I’m happy to “right her boi” for her. She has a really hard time spelling, but knows a lot about gear. Her favorite activities at the loj include listening to other people tell people what to do and building sinks. You can catch her hiking, skiing, eating ice cream or just generally brightening other people’s days.

VP Publicity: Christian Lyons lyons.ch@husky.neu.edu

Bio: I am a freshman studying mechanical engineering. I’m from Lafayette California and favorite outdoor activity is climbing.

VP Communications: Gioia Infelise gainfelise@comcast.net

Bio: Gioia is a middler studying behavioral neuroscience. Hailing from Colorado, the outdoors is a lifestyle and her favorite activities outside are skiing and hiking.

Climbing Chair/Permanent SGA Rep: Meg Dalrymple dalrymple.m4@gmail.com

Bio: On May 8, 1996 the world was changed for the better. Margaret Riley Anne Dalrymple II was born. Through much trial and tribulation growing up in middle class suburban New Jersey, she persevered and was accepted to Northwestern University. In fall of 2014, she began her quest for knowledge in biology. During her sophomore year she was dragged to the luxurious Quincy Quarries to try going up things, Given the prime environment, she was instantly hooked on climbing. Her middler year she became the NUHOC climbing chair and has been ever since. She plans on dying in a freak accident at 69, but until then wants to do rad things outside.

Gear Guys:



Dylan Epstein dylanjepstein@gmail.com

Bio: Dylan is a fifth year Mechanical Engineer and veteran gear guy.

Bio: Mac is a second year Environmental science and Health science major. She spends her weekends more often than not at the loj, and enjoys skiing, hiking,  and shenanigans. If looking for her, just follow the loud, overly enthusiastic voice.