The Northeastern University Huskiiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts


We are your trusty Eboard members! If you have any questions about the club, feel free to email any of us!

President: Jacob Walsh


Bio: Jacob is a fifth year Computer Engineer who likes to climb stuff. After growing up in the incomparable outdoor arena that is Columbus Ohio, he discovered the joy of climbing rocks and frozen waterfalls during his freshman year. During the winter Jacob accepts that going down things is acceptable as well as long as you have wooden planks strapped to your feet. 

Loj Committee Chair: Nat Talbot  nuhoc.lcc@gmail.com or ntalbot.nat@gmail.com 

Bio: Nat is a fourth year computer science major who likes to mountain bike. You can find him by turning on the food network and going to the place featured on diners, drive-ins, and dives because Nat is the human living inside Guy Fieri.

TreasurerJackson Lynch 

nuhoc.receipts@gmail.com or lynch.ja@husky.neu.edu

Bio: Jackson is a fourth year here at Northeastern studying civil engineering. He loves walking up steep hills with a full backpack for several days at a time, riding down snowy hills on a plank of wood, and doing anything else that gets him out into the fresh air. He used to not be able to do a handstand but has been steadily improving, and dreams of one day holding a handstand for 10 seconds.

VP Organization: Liz Gmoser


Bio: Liz has embraced the coveted title of “middler” here at Northeastern, and is studying mechanical engineering (surprise, surprise, another engineer in NUHOC!). When she’s not at her co-op at Hasbro where she’s getting paid to play with toys (wait no she swears that’s actual RESEARCH), you can usually find her running around the streets of Boston for “fun” (although why anyone would ever call running fun makes her question her own choices), baking up some delicious desserts that may or may not be used as bribery for friendships, whistling like a “1950’s dad”, or just finding any excuse to get outside.


VP TripsIan Carver


Bio: Ian Carver is a fourth year Sociology major. He loves to climb, ski, and bike. He grew up in the Colorado Rockies and was wildly spoiled by West Coast snow (it’s a sore subject). He discovered climbing in his third year and has loved it ever since.

VP Publicity: Sam Barray


Bio: Sam is a third year Journalism major with a minor in Photojournalism and another one in Media and Screen Studies (a proud CAMD kid amongst a bunch of engineers). She grew up on Long Island where there are literally zero mountains, but her parents took her to Vermont a lot, and thus her love for the outdoors was born. In the warmer months she thinks hiking is alright, but mostly spends her time dreaming about winter and snow. She believes ski season is the best time of the year and skiing is her absolute favorite activity.

VP Communications: Ramana Housman


Bio: Ramana is a third year Behavioral Neuroscience major who likes to try new things. Coming from Florida, she knew very little about all the fun that can be had outdoors in the Northeast until she joined NUHOC. She became a member having no camping, hiking, climbing, or skiing experience and wants all new members to know that if she can do it, you can too! Feel free to reach out to her if you ever want to learn more about the club or are nervous about becoming involved.

Lead Meteorologist: Mallory Brown


Bio: Mallory is a third-year electrical engineer on co-op at Draper. She joined NUHOC after going with the group to Acadia this summer. She grew up in Florida, so she’s wary of the approaching ski season and loves swimming, gators, and Florida Man stories. Some of her hobbies include singing, painting rocks solid colors, and spilling her oatmeal at work at least once a week. She also likes to go up things and can be a little overly enthusiastic about chipmunks and leafy trees.

Gear Guys:


Mac Guthrie

Bio: Mac is a second year Environmental science and Health science major. She spends her weekends more often than not at the loj, and enjoys skiing, hiking,  and shenanigans. If looking for her, just follow the loud, overly enthusiastic voice.

Dan S

Permanent SGA Rep: Meg Dalrymple

Bio: On May 8, 1996 the world was changed for the better. Margaret Riley Anne Dalrymple II was born. Through much trial and tribulation growing up in middle class suburban New Jersey, she persevered and was accepted to Northwestern University. In fall of 2014, she began her quest for knowledge in biology. During her sophomore year she was dragged to the luxurious Quincy Quarries to try going up things, Given the prime environment, she was instantly hooked on climbing. Her middler year she became the NUHOC climbing chair and has been ever since. She plans on dying in a freak accident at 69, but until then wants to do rad things outside.