Research Services

Each NUCare investigator works with the Project Navigator to develop a customized training program that focuses on the proposed research and areas where the investigation may need additional resources and expertise. Their individual plans also consider ways in which the investigator’s expertise may be engaged to train and mentor others. Contact the Project Navigator for more information.

Comprehensive Research Support

Bouve College Office of Research (BCORe). BCORe provides a broad array of research support to members of the Northeastern University research community. BCORe staff provides assistance with grant development and submission, post-award management, and research infrastructure.We work to develop clear processes and easy-to-use tools to assist researchers with their investigations.

The activities of the BCORe are aligned with six major areas of research support.

  1. Direct Faculty and Graduate Student Support
  2. Research Grants and Proposals
  3. Budget and Financial Management
  4. College Research Initiatives
  5. Research Training
  6. Procedures and Systems

Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute. The Tufts CTSI accelerates translation of research into clinical use, medical practice and health policy. The Institutes connects people to research resources, consultation, and education, and fosters collaboration with scholars of all disciplines and with community members, with the ultimate goal of improving the health of the public. Northeastern University is a member of the CTSI, which provides the following services:

  1. Assistance in engaging community-based organizations, public agencies, or practices in research
  2. Finding research collaborators or mentors
  3. Assistance in writing grant proposals
  4. Designing clinical studies
  5. Finding available translational methodology or technology