Previous Seminars

NUCare, in collaboration with the Personal Health Informatics PhD program, hosts regular seminars throughout the year to showcase how technology can support and enhance research in aging, self-management, health disparities, and community-based participatory research. Below is a list of out previous seminars. Some of these are available for viewing on our YouTube page.


January 23, 2016: Diana Higgins, PhD – Boston University, VA Boston Healthcare System
“Technology-assisted self-management interventions for chronic pain”


December 5, 2016: Andrea Grimes Parker, PhD – Northeastern University, CCIS & BCHS
“Community Wellness Informatics: Creating Technology for Health Equity”

November 28, 2016: Nancy Hanrahan, PhD, RN, FAAN – Northeastern University, BCHS School of Nursing
“Technology innovation enhanced by nurse expertise”

November 21, 2016: Timothy Bickmore, PhD – Northeastern University, CCIS
“Coaching to Death”

November 7, 2016: Seth Cooper, PhD – Northeastern University, CCIS & CAMD
“Solving Biomolecular Puzzles with Video Games”

October 31, 2016: Oliver Wilder-Smith and Aditya Ponnada, candidates for PhD in Personal Health Informatics
Research in Progress presentations

October 24, 2016: Stephen Intille, PhD – Northeastern University, CCIS & BCHS
“Can we change our sedentary, car-dominated culture?”

October 17, 2016: Danielle Levac, PhD – Northeastern University, BCHS Department of Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Science
“‘Kinect’ing with Clinicians: exploring the role of motivation and engagement in virtual reality and active video game use in rehabilitation”

October 3, 2016: Misha Pavel, PhD – Northeastern University, CCIS & BCHS
“Training “Fluid Intelligence” with a Computer Game and Transcranial Stimulation”

September 26, 2016: Kristin Madison, PhD – Northeastern University, BCHS & SOL
“Legal and Policy Issues in Employee-Sponsored Wellness Initiatives”

September 19, 2016: Holly B. Jimison, PhD – Northeastern University, CCIS & BCHS
“Using Measure of Context to Improve Detection and Alerting Algorithms for Health Coaching Informatics”

April 11: Max Topaz, PhD, RN, MA – Brigham Women’s Health Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Natural language Processing and Other Cutting Edge Approaches to Data Analytics and Decision Support.

March 28: Mayank Goel, MS – PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering, Ubiquitous Computing Lab, University of Washington
Teaching Old Sensors New Tricks

March 14: Gary Young, JD, PhD – Northeastern University
Incentivizing quality improvement in healthcare*

February 22: Mansoor Pervaiz, PhD(c) – Northeastern University PhD Program in Personal Health Informatics
Optimizing speech clarity through a personalized visual interface

January 25: Neenah Estrella-Luna, PhD – Northeastern University
Use of Google tools in community-based participatory action research


December 7: Dinesh John, PhD – Northeastern University, Department of Health Sciences
Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior and the Workplace
12:00 PM, 415 Shillman Hall

November 30: Alessandro Vespignani, PhD – Northeastern University, Department of Physics
Computational epidemiology does more than forecast

November 23: Agnis Stibe, PhD – MIT Media Lab, Changing Places group
Empowering Cities for Sustainable Well-Being

November 16: Eric Anderson, PhD – Tufts University
Measuring affect and emotion

November 9: Mark Evin – Jintronix
Motion capture rehabilitation in the post-acute setting and the home

October 26: Rachel Jones, PhD, RN, FAAN – Northeastern University School of Nursing
From Nursing Practice to Intervention Development: Lowering Urban Women’s HIV Risk with “Love, Sex, & Choices,” a Web-based Video Series on Smartphones

October 19: Jochen Meyer – OFFIS Institute for Information Technology
Technology in support of healthy living: What works, what doesn’t, and what we can do about it

September 28: Diane Mahoney, PhD, ANP-BC, FGSA, FAAN – Massachusetts General Hospital,
Institute of Health Professions
An evidence-based adoption of technology model for remote monitoring of elders’ daily activities

September 21: Ingela Skärsäter, PhD and Margaretha Pejner, MD, RN – University of Halmstad, Sweden
The Health Innovations Program at Halmstad University: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Technology for Successful Aging

September 14: Clara Berridge, PhD, MSW – Brown University Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research
Privacy intact? Boundary management and why it matters for older adults


July 15: Esteban Pino, ScD (Universidad de Concepcion, Chile)
Gerontechnology: technology-based interventions for elder care

June 10: Andrea Fletcher (Dimagi, Inc)
CommCare: Using a mobile platform to support frontline workers in low-resource environments

June 3: Julia Pietila, MSc (Tampere University of Technology, Finland)
Continuous monitoring of heart rate variability to facilitate stress management [video]

May 13: Pekka Ala-Siuru, MSc (University of Oulu, Finland)
The Lily Project

April 22: Stephanie Edwards, MPH (Joslin Institute for Technology Translation)
The Role of Technology in Diabetes Self-Management

April 13: Maria Dolce, PhD, RN
Promoting Family and Self-Management: Intersection of Oral Health and Chronic Health Conditions

April 6: Matthew Goodwin, PhD
Monitoring and Assessment for Children with Autism

March 30: Kristin Lees, MA, Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN
What do PS Caseworkers think about Repeated Visits to Services?

March 23: Shirley M. Moore, PhD, RN, FAAN
Building the Science of Self-Management

March 16: Carmen Sceppa, PhD, MD
Health Promoting Interventions in Aging – from Cells to Society

March 2: John Griffith, PhD
Implementing Adaptive Designs in Clinical Research

February 23: Timothy Bickmore, PhD
The Science of Compassion: Automating Empathic Health Communication

January 26: Holly Jimison, PhD
How to Incorporate Health Behavior Change Technology into your Self-Management Interventions

January 12: Alice Bonner, PhD, RN, FAANP
Patient-centered Outcomes in Communicating Knowledge and Enhancing Transitions (POCKET): a NUCare P20 Pilot


December 15: Common Data Elements Review Session

December 8: Maria Shiyko, PhD
In Vivo Assessments of Human Behavior and Health: A Methodological Perspective

November 30: Stephen Intille, PhD
Using Sensor-Enabled Mobile Phones for Measuring Behavior and Monitoring Behavior Change: NUCare Opportunities

November 24: Misha Pavel, PhD
Technology in Support of Self-Management Research: An Overview of Services Provided by NUCare’s Technology Core

November 17: Waleed Meleis, PhD
Enabling Engineering:  Applying Engineering to Enable and Empower Individuals with Disabilities

November 10: Jean McGuire, PhD
Role of the Community Advisory Board

November 3: Betsy Howard, PhD, MSN
NUCare Pilot Project: Vitalize 360

October 27: Charles Counsel, PhD
Verification of the Daily Activities of Older Adults: A Simple, Non-Intrusive, Low-Cost Approach

October 20: Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN
Overview of NUCare