Staff Support and Students

Christine M. Gordon, MPH (Project Navigator) works across all Cores, coordinating meetings, trainings, and mentoring arrangements.  She meets regularly with each pilot project team to ensure that timelines and milestones are met and to ensure that mentoring and assistance from the Cores is provided in a timely way.  Ms. Gordon maintains meeting records, manages communications among Center staff and outside groups, manages the Center and pilot project budgets, assists in developing training materials and web site communications, and supports all pilot projects from conception through data analysis.

Iman Khaghani Far, PhD (Postdoctoral Research Fellow) works with the Technology and Analysis Core on the development of the NUCoach health coaching platform.

Xuan Li, MFA is a doctoral student in Personal Health Informatics at Northeastern University and a part-time research assistant on Projects 4 and 5. Xuan has lead the technology implementation and data collection efforts in the field.

Kathryn Robinson, MHA/Ed, RN (PhD candidate in nursing) is the lead research assistant on Projects 4 and 5.

Maggie Eaton, NP and Celsea Tibbitt, RN are doctoral students in the Nursing PhD program at Northeastern University and research assistants on Projects 4 and 5.

Former Staff and Students

Kristin Lees, MA (PhD Candidate, Population Health) worked with PI Barbara Guthrie on the creating and implementation of the NUCare evaluation. (2014-2016)

Bertha Lee, RN, PhD worked on Pilot Project 2 with PI Elizabeth Howard on implementing Vitalize 360. Under NUCare, Bertha has been formally trained as a wellness coach. (2014-2016)

Krissy Mainello, Project Navigator (2014-2015)

Akash Shah, Pilot 1 Project Manager/Undergraduate student (2014)