Technology & Analysis Core

The Technology & Analysis Core, lead by Prof. Misha Pavel, aims to enhance both the scalability and effectiveness of the clinical protocols and approaches to caring for older adults in the home. The support of this Core enables nurse researchers to focus the important protocol questions without having to be distracted by the complex implementation issues associated with deploying technology, collecting the data related to use of technology in health interventions, and storing collected data in a secure and private manner. The mentoring and training provided by this Core will serve to facilitate the needed interdisciplinary research required to test the best possible implementation of our ideas.


  • To support pilot projects with mentoring and specific consultation on experimental design and analysis.
  • To support pilot projects with assistance on sensor technology, mobile assessment techniques, and coaching software and communications platforms.
  • To support pilot projects with recommendations and infrastructure for data sampling, filtering, storage, and privacy/security assurances.

Core Faculty

Misha Pavel, PhD (Lead) – Professor, Bouvé College of Healthy Sciences, Department of Health Sciences, and the College of Computer & Information Science, Northeastern University

Iman Khaghani Far, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, College of Computer & Information Science, Northeastern University

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