Pilot 6 (Dykes/Howard)

Pilot PIs: Dr. Patricia Dykes/Dr. Elizabeth Howard

Title: A Systematic Review and Secondary Analysis to Examine
Fall Prevention Self-Management among Older Adults


The purpose of this study is to explore the personal, social, and environmental factors associated with fall prevention self-management actions (e.g. Removal of physical hazards, increased lighting, and handrails) and behaviors, with a specific focus on exercise and fitness related activities (e.g. Tai Chi, using the stairs).

Specific Aims: The specific aims of this project are to:

  1. Complete a systematic review of published research to identify characteristics of patients who engage in self-management actions (e.g. removal of physical hazards, increased lighting), behaviors (e.g. exercise and fitness related activities such as Tai Chi, using the stairs) and personal, social and environmental factors.
  2. Identify the personal, social, community and environmental characteristics of older adults who are likely to engage in fall prevention self-management actions (proper lighting, handrails) and behaviors (exercise, fitness related activities such as Tai Chi, using the stairs) compared to those older adults who do not.
  3. Compare the self-management, {fall-related} outcomes between older adults who participate in self-management activities with elders who do not.


Dr. Dykes brings her extensive research and clinical experience in the acute care setting to combine with Dr. Howard’s efforts that have focused community-dwelling older adults. Together, they hope to complete a comprehensive examination of the problem of falls that transcends all setting and the use of self-management strategies to reduce the risk including the times when elders transition between acute and community-based models of care.