As a pillar of our organization, our NRHH chapter is committed to recognizing members of our Northeastern communities and their work to make Northeastern feel like home. Our main way to do this is through Of The Month Awards. We also have several programs centered around creating a culture of recognition at Northeastern University and ensuring everyone that is making a positive impact on residential life feels valued and seen.


Of the Month Awards are written by Diamonds to recognize the work of students, RAs, faculty/staff, and programs. You do not have to be in NRHH to write an OTM or have an OTM written about you.

[NRHH] also focuses on shining a light on the amazing work going on on this campus, and bring meaningful recognition to the people who give back so much to this campus!

Gretchen Elder, Inducted Spring 2019

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions which is a way to recognize professional staffs with a free breakfast provided by NRHH and a certificate based on specific achievements within a certain month.