As a pillar of our organization, our NRHH chapter is committed to developing leaders on Northeastern University’s campus.

Internal Conference

At our internal conference, NRHH members get to know other members by offering team-building exercises and networking opportunities. We display leadership at this conference by handing out recognition items that recognize outstanding achievements or kindness displayed by conference attendees.

NRHH inspired me to get involved not only in my campus community but the greater Boston one as well. It offered me leadership roles that helped build my confidence in myself as a leader. Now that I’m a lifelong member as an alumnus, I know that NRHH will always be there for me as a community of campus leaders.

Leannah Newman, Lifelong Member

Regional & National Conferences

These conferences involve programs that build leadership skills, such as conflict resolution, communication, programming on a small budget, positivity, and trustworthiness.