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We may not have found a pot of gold or a glistening rainbow today, but we are so incredibly lucky to be able to share Part I of our new project with you! Check out the latest video of “FOOLS” (opb. Troye Sivan) from our December show, Bundled Up in Blackman!

This performance features our lovely soloist, Ryan Hannon. Ryan does such a fantastic job embodying all that these lyrics express and we could not be more proud to expose his artistry through this video. We love watching you shine, Ry!

Huge thank you to our favorite producers, David Longo and Angela Marie Longo for their wonderful audio production, and to Danny Olefsky for being the incredible video mastermind behind this project (We love you, The Vocal Company)! And an always special thanks to our tremendously talented arranger, Shams Ahmed!

Last, but certainly not least, thank YOU! Whether you support us by attending shows, buying albums, or watching our videos, we are always so appreciative of your support. Our support system is what motivates us to rehearse a little longer, sing a little louder, and give each performance our all- thank you for all the continuous love you share with us.

Enjoy the video and make sure let us know what you think!