Fall Semester Dates: January 11th, 2017
Time: 6:00pm-11:00pm
Location: Ryder Hall

Each time slot is about 5 minutes long. Contact for more information or to schedule an audition time.

The audition (what you need to prepare):

  • 1-minute of any song of your choice. This segment should show off your range, musicality and any other vocal talents you may have. You may sing any genre of music, regardless of whether we normally sing it or not (we probably do, though!)
  • If you are able to beatbox, let us know and show us your stuff!

The audition may also include some of the following (depending on time constraints):

  • Sing 4 scales (diatonic) within your range.
  • Tonal Memory – See a piece of sheet music and have the short melody played twice; you sing it back the third time.
  • Ear training – three-note combinations are played twice; you sing them back the third time.

You will be notified by both phone and email if you are invited to our callbacks!


Is it hard to get in?

Because we are usually comprised of about 16 people, The Nor’easters is a highly competitive group; however, that is not to say that you have to be a musical genius or be the next American Idol! Everyone should audition, because you never know what we’re looking for in any particular semester! Each year we typically accept between 3-6 new Nor’easters.

What makes us different from the other groups?

There are currently 6 a cappella groups on campus. The mixed groups, aside from the Nor’easters, are the Downbeats and Distilled Harmony, which range in competitiveness and commitment. The UniSons are the University’s only all-male group, while Treble on Huntington and Pitch, Please! are the two female groups. Students are encouraged to audition for multiple groups!

Can I audition for more than one group?

Absolutely! Most people audition for more than one group! If you are asked to more than one group’s callback, you might be asked to give us that information and/or any indication of which group you want to be in the most. You will ultimately only be able to select one group to be in!

What are rehearsals like?

We rehearse every Monday and Thursday from 8-10PM. We also have select Sundays on which we have sectionals. We rehearse in Ryder Hall (the same place we have our auditions and callbacks). We have a lot of fun during these rehearsals, but also stay productive and motivated! The commitment level is high but it does not prohibit you from doing other activities! Many of our members are also members of other clubs, many of which they’re on the e-board of.