Teaching & Outreach

The NMR Facility supports educational opportunities for the graduate and undergraduate students of Northeastern University, as well as high school students through our partners in the public schools of Boston.

Graduate & Professional Level Instruction

The NMR Facility currently supports four graduate level courses :  Analytical Biotechnology (CHEM7317), Biotechnology Applications Laboratory (BIOT7245), Biophysical Methods in Drug Discovery (PHSC6290), and Advanced Laboratory Techniques (G7730).

We are exploring ways in which our instrumentation can be incorporated into Northeastern’s unique MS in Biotechnology Professional Science Master’s (PSM) program, as well as the state of the art Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory (BATL) which provides training and professional development to scientists in the domestic and international Biopharmaceutical industry.

NMR Facility Director Professor Jason Guo shows students in the Advanced Laboratory Techniques (G7730) course the 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer located in the NMR Facility

Undergraduate Instruction

The NMR Facility directly supports three undergraduate chemistry courses: Bioinorganic Chemistry Lab (CHEM3506), Introduction to Spectroscopy & Identification of Organic Compounds (CHEM4628/4629), and Principles of Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds (CHEM5628).

We also offer support as needed to the Organic Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM2318), Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Development (CHEM4456), Bioanalytical Chemistry (CHEM2332), Instrumental Methods of Analysis (CHEM3521/3522) courses, primarily through the acquisition of NMR spectra for student samples from those courses.

Professor Brian Fulton instructs an undergraduate Chemistry student on proper operation of the 400 MHz NMR spectrometer in the CHEM 4629 laboratory course

High School Outreach

The NMR core facility has been actively participating in Northeastern University’s educational outreach in our community, particularly in several of Boston’s underrepresented neighborhoods. Given the diverse makeup of the Boston Public Schools system, we are engaging high school educators in the City of Boston to offer them the opportunity to use our NMR facility to enhance their curriculum. Specifically, we are partnering with a chemistry teacher at the Urban Science Academy, a public high school in Boston, to enrich their chemistry curriculum including field trips and students’ Science Fair projects.