Useful Resources & Links for NMR Users


Agilent (Varian) NMR Spectrometer Guides:

Basic VnmrJ 4.2 Operating Guide for Northeastern’s Varian NMR Spectrometers

VnmrJ 4 Basic NMR Experiments Guide

VnmrJ 4 User Spectroscopy Guide

VnmrJ 4 Experiment Guide

VnmrJ 4 Command and Parameter Reference Rev. B

Outside Resources:

Cambridge Isotope NMR Solvent Chemical Shifts Table

The 2010 Organometallics Journal Article: NMR Chemical Shifts of Trace Impurties 

The UC Davis NMR Facility website has an excellent set of linked resources for NMR users.

Joseph P. Hornak’s The Basics of NMR textbook is freely available online here.

Modern NMR Methodology Textbook

Wolfram Demonstrations Project – Interactive demonstration for NMR signal acquisition and data processing

This YouTube video series offers an excellent introduction to NMR Spectroscopy.