Remote Data Access

All NMR Facility users are required to maintain their own backup of their own NMR data.

Data from the user accounts on the NMR 400 and NMR 500 can be accessed remotely through Secure Shell/Secure FTP protocols (SSH/SFTP).

To access your data, you will need to know your NMR computer username and password, as well as the IP address of the NMR workstation computer.

For the NMR 400, the IP address is For the NMR 500, the IP address is

Updated instructions are forthcoming; if you need help accessing your data now, contact Brian D’Amico for assistance.

There are numerous desktop applications, as well as extensions for certain web browsers that can be used to transfer your NMR data. The most popular options are Cyberduck (available for free for Windows & Mac) and SSH Secure Shell Client. Linux operating systems have built in SSH protocols.

For processing of your NMR data on your own computer, we recommend using Bruker Topspin (version 3.5pl7), which is available free to all in academia. Visit the Bruker website and register with your Northeastern University email address for access to the software download.