Articulate 360

Articulate 360

A suite of e-learning creation tools that allow you to make interactive learning modules responsive to any device. Modules can be integrated into the Blackboard grade book or hosted on a website.

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What is Articulate 360?

One Simple Subscription with All the Best E-Learning Development Apps – Articulate 360

Articulate 360 is a suite of software that includes the following components:

Rise is a web app that lets you create beautiful, fully-responsive courses fast. Rise courses use the latest web technologies, so they automatically adapt to any device, no extra work required. Faculty use Rise to create content when an interactive e-text is most appropriate. Rise is a good option if the content is written into paragraph format but also has multimedia interspersed.

Example projects

Week 4: Race and Racism, Part II Start Course

View Heather Streets-Salter’s project “Race and Racism, Part II” from her course HIST1215: Origins of Today.

Because of limits on our license, faculty and staff must request access to an Articulate 360 account and access will be granted on a time-limited basis for projects they are working on with an option to renew. Content that you create will still work if you choose for your license not to be renewed–you’ll just need an active license to update your projects. Please complete this survey to request access to Storyline 360.

Request an Articulate 360 license

Articulate 360 licenses will be made available upon request. Please click the button to fill out the license request survey.

Note: Content created under Storyline 1 or Storyline 2 will continue to work and will be able to be updated in Storyline 360. However, content created in Storyline 360 will not be able to be opened for editing in Storyline 1 or Storyline 2. Users are encouraged to update their software following the software update process detailed below.