Add a Piazza Link to your Blackboard Course

In New Features by Clair Waterbury

Piazza is a free online discussion tool. Northeastern Blackboard has a Piazza integration providing instructions with the ability to Piazza to their Blackboard courses! This will save instructors time from having to invite students to the Piazza course. To link Piazza to your Blackboard Course, you will create the link in Blackboard and then complete the connection directing Piazza to the correct course.

Watch this GIF to see how to setup a Piazza link in your Blackboard course or view the step by step instructions below.

Piazza Screencast showing how to add a Piazza link to Blackboard

Step 1: Connect your Piazza to your Blackboard course

  1. Access your course in Blackboard
  2. Navigate to a content area from your course menu
  3. Hover over Tools, and click Link to Piazza

Screenshot of Link to Piazza text in Blackboard

  1. Provide a name, and description and click Submit. This will create a link in Blackboard. 

Step 2: Finalize Piazza Blackboard connection to the correct Piazza Course

  • Navigate to the Piazza link created and click on it
  • You will then be brought to the Link to Piazza page. Complete the required fields to create or search for your existing class. If you are new to Piazza, this step will generate your account.

Blackboard Piazza setup

  • The next page will confirm your Piazza course connection and account. If all looks correct, click Continue.

Piazza confirm course and account screenshot

  • Now, each time you click on the Piazza link in your course, you will be brought to the Piazza course.

Piazza course landing page

For additional information and recommendations for Piazza use, visit this Piazza Getting Started Guide.

Accessing Piazza from Blackboard (Student Experience)

After the instructor has complete the Piazza setup in their Blackboard course, students can then click on the Piazza link in Blackboard to access the course Piazza discussions.

  1. Click on the Piazza link in your Blackboard course
  2. if you are new to Piazza, you can create your account here and customize your accessibility settings.