Co-President: Lindsay Talemal

I am a senior (4th year) BNS major from right outside Philadelphia, PA. I have done a lot of research ranging in bio, chem, and psych, but my ongoing research is looking into causes and treatments for Type 2 Diabetes. In my spare time I love to run, go to the gym, read, hike, and listen to good music!

Co-President: Talia Feldman

Hi! I’m a 4th year Behavioral Neuroscience major and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor! My past and current research includes in vivo Alzheimer’s work, in vivo Autism Spectrum Disorder work and Multiple Sclerosis research with a focus on sex-hormones and other endocrine disrupting chemicals. In my free time, I love to hang with my friends, play with boo (pictured), dance, and FaceTime my mom.

Vice President: Noah Milman 

My name is Noah Milman and I am a fourth year BNS major. My previous and current co-op has been at the MIT Brain and Cognitive Science in the Tsai lab. There, I am a part of a clinical research team investigating a non-invasive treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. When not in the lab or class, I love hiking, biking and playing frisbee in various forms. I hope to expand the connectivity among the Boston neuroscience community.

Secretary: Michelle Heyang

Hi, my name is Michelle! I am a fifth year BNS major. I did my first co-op in Ireland and spent my second co-op in the Chiu Lab where I worked to understand the effects of anthrax toxins on nociceptors. For my final co-op, I worked as an EMT and administrative intern in the training department at Transformative Healthcare. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, going to art exhibits, and watching figure skating!

Public Relations: Meagan Tsou

Hi! My name is Meagan Tsou, a second year BNS major with a minor in CS. I am currently doing research at the Brain and Cognitive Science Lab at ISEC. I am extremely interested in neural networking and artificial intelligence and I hope go into the medical AI field. I also love to play the piano, cello, read, and listen to music! You’ll probably see me around campus with my puppy and maybe you’ll meet her at some meetings!

Mentor Coordinator: Yuqing (Bonnie) Cao

Heyyy! I am Bonnie, a third-year BNS major. I am currently working on my first co-op at Harvard Medical school with a focus on the development of interneurons and microglia cells. I am interested in brain-machine interface technology and plan to go to graduate school after graduation. When I am free, I like to watch TV shows, play basketball, volunteer, and dance. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about research or find the best Chinese food in Boston.

Outreach Coordinator: Aimee Sun

Hey! My name is Aimee Sun and I’m a third year behavioral neuroscience major from Colorado. I’ve been working with a team in the Infant Vision Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital researching various ophthalmology conditions. I have so much to learn from the incredible people around me and hope to bring new experiences to Neurons! In my free time you can find me ideally somewhere on a mountain, wandering around with my camera (named Steve), or dancing with my friends.

Co-Freshman Representative: Jenna Carl

Hi! I’m Jenna Carl, and I’m serving as one of your freshman ambassadors this year! I’m a behavioral neuroscience major with a minor in marketing, and I’m planning on taking a psychological perspective on business as my career path. I like singing, reading, and brains (duh). I love to talk to new people and help with schoolwork, so don’t be afraid to reach out!


Co-Freshman Representative: Alisa Posner

Hi my name is Alisa Posner and I am a second year BNS major.  I participated in NUin Greece for my first semester! I am currently a volunteer researcher at the Cognitive and Brain Health lab in ISEC where we are seeing the effects of exercise on the brain!  I am also a part of CHAARG. In my free time I enjoy exploring Boston with friends, going to concerts, dancing, playing field hockey, working out, and cooking! I’m looking forward to this semester with NEURONS and for this upcoming fall semester!