Mentor/Mentee Jeopardy Night!

Happy Monday! Just a friendly reminder that NEURONS will be hosting a mentor/mentee event on 1/28/19! We will be having a fun night of BNS Jeopardy! Everyone is welcome and there will be free pizza, fun team bonding, and a little bit of friendly competition for the chance to win some NEURONS stickers! We hope to see all of you there. šŸ™‚ 

Mentor/Mentee Paint Nite!

Come and bond with your mentor/mentee and enjoy a night of relaxation and painting!! We’ll be providing supplies and food, so get in touch with your mentor or mentee and come paint!


Our Mentoring Program

The behavioral neuroscience peer mentoring program brings together upperclassmen and new students, both freshmen and transfers, where mentors can share their words of wisdom pertaining to academics or transition to college life and mentee can seek advise in choosing classes, co-ops/research opportunities, activities on and off campus, etc. We also offer events during the semester to facilitate networking and socializing within the major. The goal of the program is to help new students transition into their first semester in the BNS major through fostering connections between upperclassmen and new students.

Please contact with any questions!

Peer Mentoring Program 2015

Welcome, freshmen! We are so excited to finally meet you and introduce you to NEURONS and the BNS program in general! Here is where you can find information about the BNS mentoring program. Please feel free to email Anna or Jess at


In the upcoming weeks, we will be sending all of you updates on the program, your mentor, and what it will entail


As for you who are interested in becoming a mentor, we are looking for BNS majors who have completed at least one year at northeastern as a BNS major. We will be reaching out to all upperclassmen in the upcoming weeks as well!


Again, cant wait to meet all of you!

The Forgetting Curve- Kickoff Activity of 2014

the forgetting curve

ATTN MENTORS/MENTEES: Please join us forĀ the mentoring program’s kick-off activity of the year, the play, The Forgetting Curve.

Desperate to cure his epilepsy, a young man underwent an experimental neurosurgery in 1953 — shockingly, the procedure destroyed his brain’s ability to form new memories. Now known as Patient HM, he became widely studied, and his fascinating case serves as inspiration for The Forgetting Curve, a new play told in a non-linear style through the lens of fictional neuroscientist, Dr. Laura Nebbens. She has studied HM for several decades, and on the eve of accepting a prestigious award, struggles to reconcile all she has sacrificed to leave the legacy of her life’s work. Both she and HM have made significant contributions to the scientific community, and the human race — but at what cost?

When: Sept. 14th at 2 pm

Where: Boston Center for the ArtsĀ , Stanford Calderwood Pavilion, 527 Tremont StĀ , Boston, MA 02116

Cost: $5

Come after the Mentor/ Mentee Meet and Greet on Sunday for a fun first event with your fellow BNS students!


Peer Mentor Summer Meetings

Future Mentors,

Hope you’re summer is going well! Please be available onĀ September 8th, 2014Ā at 8pmĀ for aĀ mentorĀ meeting, where we will discuss what is expected of you and how theĀ mentorĀ program will work for the following semester, as well asĀ September 14thĀ (times to be announced at a later time) which is aĀ mentor/mentee meet and greet where you will be introduced to your mentee and get to know each other over snacks. The first official meeting of the semester for NEURONS onĀ September 15th at 7pm, and hopefully your mentee will tag along.

Please contact Jess and Nareh with any questions:Ā