3 Papers Accepted for Presentation at MEMS 2018

The 3 papers have been accepted for presentation at IEEE MEMS 2018 Conference to be held in Belfest, Northern Ireland on 21-25 January 2018.

  1. V. Rajaram, Z. Qian, S. Kang, and M. Rinaldi, “MEMS-Based Near-Zero Power Infrared Wireless Sensor node”
  2. Y. Yu, A. Kord, D. Sounas, Z. Qian, G. Michetti, A. Alu and M. Rinaldi, “Magnetic-Free Radio Frequency Circulator based on Spatiotemporal Commutation of MEMS Resonators”
  3. G. Chen, C. Cassella, T. Wu, and M. Rinaldi, “Single-Chip Multi-Frequency Wideband Filters Based on Aluminum Nitride Cross-Sectional Lame Mode Resonators with Thick and Apodized Electrodes”


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