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Alliance for A Healthy Tomorrow

NEJRC is affiliated with the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow (AHT) in Massachusetts. The AHT is a coalition of citizens, scientists, health professionals, workers, and educators seeking preventive action on toxic hazards. Unfortunately, current environment and health policies do not protect us. Our individual rights and our quality of life are threatened by harmful pollution and products. The goal of AHT is to correct fundamental flaws in government policies that allow harm to our health and environment. Our most precious are most at risk; children, and particularly the developing fetus, are uniquely vulnerable to toxic chemicals, which can disrupt their development and cause lifelong health damage.

The U.S. regulatory system has not kept up with the science, is based on out-dated assumptions and does not protect our health and environment. Consumer products in the U.S. are not generally regulated for toxic chemical content, and products banned in many other countries due to toxicity are sold here.  The Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow is working to protect all of our health by pressing for government and corporate policies that replace toxic chemicals with safer alternatives. Economic research has shown that effective government regulations can enhance business efficiency and competitiveness and stimulate innovation. To be a part of that change don’t forget to check out the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow on social media!

Coming Clean

We are excited to announce that NEJRC has formed a partnership with Coming Clean. At Coming Clean, hundreds of  organizations are working collaboratively to create a world without toxic chemicals, where no community’s health is sacrificed to the energy and chemical industries, and where our climate and economy are nontoxic, sustainable, and just for all.  We believe we have the right to know what’s being put in our air, water, food and products, and we’re demanding that substances are proven safe before we’re exposed to them.  We know that any industry which disproportionately harms vulnerable communities, or any chemical or pollution policy developed without the consent of those who suffer its worst impacts is unjust – and we’re working to change it.  In short, we are pushing  industries and government to “come clean.” Check out their site, here.


New England Environmental Justice Research Network

The New England Environmental Justice Network (EJRN) is sponsored by the New England Environmental Justice Forum and hosted by NEJRC.  Formed at the 2013 New England Environmental Justice Summit, the role of EJRN is to help generate and share knowledge and information by networking and building partnerships between researchers, lower-income communities and communities of color, and environmental justice (EJ) advocates. The overall goal of EJRN is to facilitate community-driven research on environmental justice issues. Read more here.