New Report details how Voter Suppression is an Environmental Justice Issue

A new report co-authored by Dori Chaput, Kerrina Williams and Elisa Figueras details the suppression tactics of the Polluter Industrial Complex.

While the United States aspires to function as a democracy, it has historically established institutional barriers that prohibited women, people of color, and low income and working class citizens from partaking in free and fair elections. While the general public has come to believe that blockades to voting no longer exist, this is a misconception perpetuated by conservatives and the corporate elite in order to diminish support for strong environmental regulations and social policies.

Major corporate polluters that make up the Polluter Industrial Complex (PIC) are especially active in supporting voter suppression efforts. The PIC is heavily funded by the oil and gas industry. The PIC is comprised of conservative political actors who work to undermine environmental and climate change policies at the expense of democracy to protect their profits and power. 

Read the full report here.