New Report: Cities as Green New Deal Leaders

New Report: Cities as Green New Deal Leaders

Greenprint for a Climate Just City: How Boston Can Take Action to Combat the Climate Crisis grants us the vision of how a climate just future can be achieved. Through synthesizing the actions and plans made by several U.S. cities regarding decarbonization, energy and transportation, and climate resiliency we show that policies are being passed everywhere to combat the climate crisis.

With the platform created by the Green New Deal Resolution passed in the U.S. Senate and manifestations of climate change seen both globally and locally, this report restates the urgent need for transformative public policy that uplifts the voices of those most impacted, and brings hope of a future that benefits all for generations to come. Greenprint for a Climate Just City thus examines the core principles that guide city plans, most notably the importance of community participation in decision making processes, community empowerment by the creation of green jobs, and placing substantial focus on marginalized communities already facing manifestations of climate change and inequality. 

Read the full Greenprint here.

Vasiliki Pistoftzian:
Vasiliki is a fourth year Environmental Studies and Urban Planning student at Northeastern University focusing on sustainable development. She has an interest in transforming the built environment to be more equitable and sustainable through community solidarity and participation. Vasiliki joined NEJRC in 2019 to focus and develop her knowledge of environmental policy and contributed research to Planning for a Boston Green New Deal & Just Recovery. Since then she’s been involved in projects relating to international housing policy in Greece, affordable lending for sustainable development in New York City and volunteering to garner larger public participation in her hometown’s governance. 

Jessica Nemeth:
Jessica is a second year chemical engineering student minoring in environmental studies. She is most interested in the research and development of sustainable energy, coupled by a just integration of this energy into the electrical grid. Jessica joined NEJRC in 2019 and has since been propelled into the environmental justice sphere with an engineering lens, co-authoring Greenprint for a Climate Just City and contributing to Planning for a Boston Green New Deal & Just Recovery, the first comprehensive city-level Green New Deal agenda of its kind.

Miranda Hazoury:

Miranda is an Architecture and Design student and a designer with the Global Center for Climate Justice where she creates original art and data visualizations to accompany critical research on climate justice. Her interests are in sustainable urban development and eco-conscious architectural design. Miranda designed the Greenprint and developed the data visualizations for the report.