New England Glyco-Chemistry Meeting

Date: Saturday June 9th, 2018

Location: Department of Chemistry Northeastern University, 129 Hurtig Hall

This 2nd annual meeting of the New England Glyco-Chemistry Meeting (NEGCM) will take place at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday June 9, 2018 organized by Amit Basu, Isaac Kraus, Pei Shi, Clay Bennett, and George O’Doherty. The New England Glyco-Chemistry Meeting is a non-profit, educational organization with the mission to bring together like-minded carbohydrate chemists and biologists to the Boston area to discuss their latest research results. Boston and the greater New England area is a hub for biomedical related research and in particular, carbohydrate research. The goal for the New England Glyco-Chemistry Meeting is to bring researchers interested in the broadly defined area of carbohydrate chemistry and biology from Boston and around the world together for one day to discuss the latest developments in carbohydrate research and its larger applications in biology and materials science.

About NEGCM:

Inspired by the great success of the Midwest Carbohydrate and Glycobiology Symposium (MCGS) and the rich carbohydrate science that is occurring in the Boston area, Professor Clay Bennett decided to create a sister meeting in the New England area. The inaugural meeting in 2017 was a great success, and we look forward to seeing you at the second meeting in 2018