About Us

The Northeastern University African Student Organization (NASO), a home away from home. We are the representation of Africa on the Northeastern Campus. We work to increase awareness of the African culture in this Institution. We strive to make NASO a place at school where we are all together, a safe space to discuss absolutely anything. NASO is here for every individual who associates themselves with the African Diaspora.

We encourage people to network with one another, grow strong ties within the community. Through our annual events such as African Night, Battle of the ASOs, Bazaar, we begin to expose the Northeastern community to different aspects of the African culture, that is not represented on media. We work to diversify the community we are a part of.

NASO came into existence on September 7 1989 by 10 African students who had wanted a create a community that engulfed the cultures they came from. They met and discuss the different issues that challenged the motherland, and worked together to help raise awareness about the real problems in Africa. Its beautiful how history impacts the current state of the club. Today, we stand, proud Africans representing the our culture, today, we stand with more members than perhaps even our founders would have dreamed about, today we stand closer to unity than ever before. We continue to grow on the ideals and the legacy of our original founders through events spread out throughout the year to shed light on all the different regions of Africa.

We hope to see you at our future meetings! Thursdays 6pm every week, better book it out for us!