Welcome. Akwaaba. Bienvenue. Salaam Aleikum. Teanastellen. Jambo. 

Welcome to the official website for Northeastern African Student Organization.


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Flash mob performance by NASO dancers



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African Proverb

If the cockroach wants to rule over the chicken, then it must hire the fox as a body-guard. ~ Sierra Leone proverb



The start of a new school year presents with it new opportunities to meet people, make lasting relationships and revamp your participation in campus activities. As NASO prepares to take on the year with a mound of planned activities, we hope you are also getting psyched to experience the year with us.

We entreat you to join us weekly for our NASO group meetings held in Curry student center. It is our hope that we grow the NASO family, and in the process encourage members to remain active in the group. Lets make this year one to remember.

-NASO Management




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