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  • Magnetic domain image of polycrystalline Fe5(SiGe)B2

Welcome to the Northeastern University Nanomagnetism Group. We are an interdisciplinary research group led by Prof. Laura H. Lewis (College of Engineering) and Prof. Don Heiman (College of Science). Our group of research scientists, graduate students, and undergraduate students work on a variety of research topics that aim to gain fundamental understandings of process-structure-magnetism correlation in technologically relevant magnetic and electronic materials.

Dr. Laura H. Lewis

Dr. Don Heiman



Dr. Chaoying Ni - Department of Material Science and Engineering, University of Delaware

Dr. Plamen Stamenov- Physics department, Trinity College

Dr. Julie Staunton -Physics department, University of Warwick


Dr. Christopher Patrick- Department of Materials, University of Oxford

Dr. Gregory Fiete- Department of Physics, Northeastern University

Dr. Ryan Koppes and Dr. Abigail Koppes- Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University

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