Origami-based tissur engineering

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Engineering human tissues has the potential to save lives by supplementing the supply of transplants and by enabling the screening of new medical therapies before human testing takes place.  Key challenges in tissue engineering include creating tissues with well-controlled, biomimetic structures via high throughput, scalable processes.  We are creating a new approach to structuring human tissues through a combination of the directed assembly of cell populations onto 2D scaffolds and the origami folding of these scaffolds into 3D.  (Support from NSF and AFOSR.)

Figure 1: Directed assembly of cells in 2D.

Figure 2: Origami-based folding converts 2D arrangements into 3D tissues.

Figure 3: Precision mechanisms control final positions of tissue features.

Current Team Members: Majid Bigdeli Karimi, Tian Liu, Xin Xie, and Carol Livermore.

Current Sponsorship: NSF and AFOSR