Voter suppression was challenge of midterms, another kind of discrimination we must resist

A month ago, I went back to my hometown of Cambridge from Northeastern University, walked into my old middle school and voted for the first time. My ballot was cast within five minutes, and I put my “I voted” sticker proudly onto my jacket. Unfortunately, voting in this midterm election was not so easy for many in this country. Voter suppression is happening, and it is happening to minorities. 

In North Dakota, a new voter ID law requires residents to have identification showing a current street address to vote – leaving out tens of thousands of voters including many Native Americans who use post offices boxes as their address. The Supreme Court upheld this law only a month before Election Day, leaving little time to figure out a solution. The law was put in place by Republicans controlling state government where Natives tend to vote as Democrats, and Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota’s Democratic senator, lost the election…

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Photo: Joe Brusky via Flickr.

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