Master of Science in
Media Advocacy

A joint degree from the Northeastern University School of Law and the Northeastern University School of Journalism.

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We create strategic communications for social change.

The Master of Science in Media Advocacy enhances students’ abilities to lead and contribute to mission advancing efforts for a wide variety of organizations – from advocacy and lobbying organizations, trade and labor groups, and nonprofit entities, to strategic communication and government affairs departments.

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We design course work to help students develop deep knowledge of the strategies and tactics that constitute effective advocacy. The introductory course Media Advocacy in Theory and Practice investigates various ideas, frameworks, and histories relating to advocacy and activism, helping to inform media strategies of the future.


Our introductory law course, Law, Policy and Legal Argument taught by Dan Urman, explores the legal levers that drive policy change and introduce students to the mechanisms of government that drive key policy debates across a wide range of issues, including health care, market regulation, environmental policy, housing, education, the internet, privacy, and social policy


In September 2018, in partnership with Northeastern’s NuLawLab and the Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project, a team of four Media Advocacy graduate students participated in the development of a public awareness campaign that launched in January 2019 in the south Bronx related to the Right to Counsel, a new law guaranteeing certain New Yorkers representation in housing court. Over four days, students observed housing court, met with housing advocates and community organizers, interviewed various stakeholders and designed a multi-pronged public awareness campaign.

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