Robert C. McOwen

Professor of Mathematics

Northeastern University

Dr. McOwen

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445 LA

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Northeastern University
Department of Mathematics
360 Huntington Avenue,
Boston, MA 02115, USA


PhD received from University of California, Berkeley, in 1978

Areas of Interest

Partial differential equations, especially linear and nonlinear elliptic equations on noncompact domains and manifolds. Functional analysis, especially weighted Sobolev spaces. Applications to differential geometry, fluid dynamics, and inverse problems.

Papers and Books

Research Papers: List of Publications

Undergraduate-level textbook:


Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
Published by Worldwide Center of Math, 2012.
266 pp., Paper (ISBN 978-0-9842071-2-1)

Graduate-level textbook:

2nd Edition

Partial Differential Equations: Methods and Applications, Second Edition
Published by Prentice Hall, 2003.
464 pp., Cloth (0-13-009335-1)

1st Edition

Partial Differential Equations: Methods and Applications,
Published by Prentice Hall, 1996.
420 pp., Cloth (0-13-121880-8)


I will be teaching one course in Fall 2019:

  • MATH 4545 Fourier Series and PDEs, MWTh 1:35-2:40 pm
I am also the Teaching Director for the Math Department.

Computer Labs for Differential Equations: I have written computer labs for our undergraduate courses on ordinary and partial differential equations:
  • Ordinary Differential Equations (MATH 2341).  

  • Partial Differential Equations (MATH 4545).   More info


Personal Interest

In addition to being a mathematician, I enjoy Scottish dance. Here is a photo of me dancing the Highland Fling at a Scottish Ceilidh at a Northeastern University event in March 2008.

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