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Teacher Development

At MathPOWER, we have developed an innovative, proven approach to supporting teachers’ work in enhancing student success within an increasingly fulfilling professional environment.  We call this our Professional Learning Community.  It has six key steps:


MathPOWER‘s Professional Learning Community is designed to help educators :

  • Reflect on their own professional practice
  • Gain an understanding of “best practices” and research associated with helping urban youth develop resiliency
  • Assess their current practice through the lens of a youth development framework (ACT Framework)
  • Redesign one of the courses or programs they teach
  • Test out their new approaches (in the Boston Summer Learning Program – our Incubator of Innovation)
  • Increase confidence and competence through sharing reflections and critical questions within a professional learning community.


MathPOWER is also pleased to provide professional development for youth workers from a varied and diverse range of out-of-school time providers. Please click here to see our youth worker trainings.

Puzzle of the Week

I am thinking of one of these five cards:

Which one am I thinking of? Here are some clues:

Click here for the answer »

Here is how to follow the clues:

  1. The value of my card is a prime number, so it could have been 7 of clubs, 7 of diamonds, or 2 of hearts.
  2. The values of my two neighbours add up to a multiple of 3, so it could have been 7 of diamonds or 2 of hearts.
  3. My card is next to a card which is next to the 2 of hearts, so it could only be the 2 of hearts.

Puzzle credit: Mathsisfun.com

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