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MathPOWER Is Making A Difference!


On Friday, May 9th, the MathPOWER team received the

Northeastern Center of Community Service

Partnership Spotlight Award for our work during the 2013-

2014 year! The Center’s annual Pancakes and Partnerships

Appreciation Breakfast highlighted a number of different

non-profit organizations that serve the Boston community

faithfully through the help of student-volunteers from

Northeastern University.


Senior Massachusetts Promise Fellow Stephanie Loneck

accepted the award on behalf of MathPOWER, as a

representative of our three Math*STARS afterschool

program site directors.


“Social Innovator of the year”
– Root Cause

“MathPOWER has proven to be one of the highest performing programs in the Summer Learning Program, raising students’ ELA and math skills along with their initiative, engagement in learning, communication, and relationships with adults”

– Boston After School and Beyond


According to our Strategic Plan for FY2012-FY2015, MathPOWER will “demonstrably improve the math proficiency and resiliency of nearly twice as many students by building the organizational and financial capacity and market position to grow and replicate our integrated and traditional models in close partnerships with carefully selected schools and other organizations.” See our Strategic Plan here »

Puzzle of the Week

I am thinking of one of these five cards:

Which one am I thinking of? Here are some clues:

Click here for the answer »

Here is how to follow the clues:

  1. The value of my card is a prime number, so it could have been 7 of clubs, 7 of diamonds, or 2 of hearts.
  2. The values of my two neighbours add up to a multiple of 3, so it could have been 7 of diamonds or 2 of hearts.
  3. My card is next to a card which is next to the 2 of hearts, so it could only be the 2 of hearts.

Puzzle credit: Mathsisfun.com

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