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MathPOWER Careers

Interested in a career in a rapidly growing, high-impact nonprofit?

MathPOWER seeks staff members who are passionate about our mission of helping urban youth become successful in their education and beyond through strengthening their math and resiliency skills. Staff members are team-oriented, adaptable, energetic, and dedicated to achieving our organization’s goals.

Our greatest assets are our people, and we foster a culture of empowerment.

Current openings:

Executive Director


Puzzle of the Week

I am thinking of one of these five cards:

Which one am I thinking of? Here are some clues:

Click here for the answer »

Here is how to follow the clues:

  1. The value of my card is a prime number, so it could have been 7 of clubs, 7 of diamonds, or 2 of hearts.
  2. The values of my two neighbours add up to a multiple of 3, so it could have been 7 of diamonds or 2 of hearts.
  3. My card is next to a card which is next to the 2 of hearts, so it could only be the 2 of hearts.

Puzzle credit:

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Are you looking to engage students in learning and fun through a variety of
skill-based math games?


At any one of our Math Games workshops, you will learn how to play the games,
when to use them, and for which particular students.
We offer grade band workshops: Early education/child care,
Elementary K-5, Middle School 6-8.

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