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Northeastern University
Mathematics Department

Maurice Auslander Distinguished Lectures
and International Conference*

April 23 - 28, 2009

Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA


Edward Green
(Virgina Tech)

Dieter Happel
(TU Chemnitz)

Schedule of The Distinguished Lectures

Date and Time
Location Titles
Saturday, April 25,
3:00 - 4:00 PM

Speck Auditorium,
Rowe Laboratory Building
Edward Green:  Resolutions, finite generation of Ext,
and generalizations of Koszul
Saturday, April 25,
5:00 - 6:00 PM

Speck Auditorium,
Rowe Laboratory Building
Dieter Happel: Piecewise hereditary algebras

Social Program

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ShoreWay Acres Resort Inn in Falmouth, MA

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Distinguished Lectures.

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Titles and Abstracts

  • Lecture 1. Edward Green. Resolutions, finite generation of Ext, and generalizations of Koszul.
Abstract: Let K  be a field and let R be a  not necessarily finite dimensional K-algebra.  For most of the talk we will assume that R=R0 ⊕ R1  R2 . . . is positively Z-graded with R0 a semisimple K-algebra, R1 of
finite length over 
R0, and R generated in degrees 0 and 1.  The Ext-algebra of R is E(R) = ExtR(R0, R0).  The goal of the talk is show some strong relationships between the structure of a minimal  graded projective resolution of R0 as an R-module to the ring structure of E(R).  For example, how does finite generation of E(R) relate to the structure of a minimal graded projective resolution of R0? Moreover, we show that in some special cases, the close connections between resolutions and Ext-algebras lead to results that relate certain R-modules to certain E(R)-modules.

Koszul algebras and Koszul duality is possibly the most well known such relationship. I will very briefly review this and spend the remainder of the talk surveying some generalizations of this, including d-Koszul, 2-d-Koszul, almost Koszul, and T-Koszul.

  • Lecture 2. Dieter Happel.  Piecewise hereditary algebras.

A finite dimensional algebra A over an algebraically closed field k is said to be piecewise hereditary if it is derived equivalent to a hereditary, abelian category. The hereditary categories occuring
in this situation are up to derived equivalence either module categories over finite dimensional hereditary algebras or coherent sheaves over weighted projective lines in the sense of Geigle and Lenzing.

In this talk we will discuss  homological properties of piecewise hereditary algebras. In particluar we will state a homological characterization in terms of the strong global dimension of A, which was obtained in joint work with Dan Zacharia. Also we will discuss special types of Nakayama algebras and  give a list when they are piecewise hereditary. In this situation a major tool is played by the Coxeter polynomial associated with the algebra A.

Concurrent Activities

International Conference on Representations of Algebras and
Related Topics

April 23, 25 - 28, 2009

For titles, abstracts, and schedule click here

Special Session of the Representation Theory and Related Topics Seminar

April 24, 2009

Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

Registered Participants

Claire Amiot NTNU, Norway
Lidia Angeleri Hügel Università degli Studi di Verona, Italy
Louis Beaudet University of Sherbrooke, Canada
Frauke Bleher University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Thomas Bruestle Bishop's University & University of Sherbrooke, Canada
Aslak Buan NTNU, Norway
Andrew Carroll Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Giovanni Cerulli University of Padova, Italy
Calin Chindris University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Gabriella D'Este University of Milan, Italy
Ernst Dieterich Uppsala University, Sweden
Audrey Doughty Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
Christof Geiss UNAM, Mexico
Ron Gentle Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA
Edward Green Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Dieter Happel TU Chemnitz, Germany
Stephen Hermes Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Anthony Iarrobino Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Kiyoshi Igusa Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Ryan Kinser University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Ellen Kirkman Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC
Mark Kleiner Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Helmut Lenzing University of Paderborn, Germany
Shiping Liu University of Sherbrooke, Canada
Dag Madsen Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Alex Martsinkovsky Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Jean-Philippe Morin University of Sherbrooke, Canada
Gregg Musiker MIT, Cambridge, MA
Charles Paquette University of Sherbrooke, Canada
Jason Ribeiro Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Jeremy Russell Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Steven Sam MIT, Cambridge, MA
Ralf Schiffler University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Markus Schmidmeier Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
Jeanne Scott University of Leeds, Great Britain
Sverre Smalø NTNU, Norway
Hugh Thomas University of New Brunswick, Canada
Gordana Todorov Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Helene Tyler Manhattan College, New York, NY
Jose Velez-Marulanda University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Kristin Webster Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Jerzy Weyman Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Shih-Wei Yang Northeastern University, Boston, MA

To register or for further information, contact Alex Martsinkovsky alexmart >at< neu >dot< edu or Gordana Todorov g.todorov >at< neu >dot< edu

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