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Northeastern University
Mathematics Department

Maurice Auslander
Distinguished Lectures*

October 4 - 5, 2007

Bernhard Keller

(University of Paris 7)


Date and Time
Location Titles
Thursday, Oct. 4, 4:30 - 5:30
215 Shillman Cluster algebras and quiver representations
Friday, Oct. 5, 10:30 - 11:30
511 Lake  Calabi-Yau categories and cluster algebras

Parking: please use the Gainsborough Street Parking Garage (behind the New England Conservatory of Music). This is Building 45 on this map
Parking vouchers are available during the Lectures.

Social Program

Date and Time
Thursday, Oct. 4, 5:45 PM - 7:00 PM
Kerr Hall
Thursday, Oct. 4, 7:30 PM
Petit Robert Bistro

If you would like to join the dinner, please let the organizers know before 4 PM on Thursday, October 4.

Titles and Abstracts

  • Lecture 1.   Cluster algebras and quiver representations
Abstract: We will present the combinatorial construction of the cluster algebra associated with a quiver without loops or 2-cycles following Fomin and Zelevinsky. We will then report on the categorical interpretation of this algebra in the case of a quiver without oriented cycles (for example a Dynkin quiver). The main results presented at the end of the talk were obtained in joint work with Philippe Caldero. They are based on work by many authors, notably Buan, Marsh, Reineke, Reiten, Todorov and Zelevinsky.

  • Lecture 2.   Calabi-Yau categories and cluster algebras

Abstract: Recent work by many authors shows that large classes of cluster algebras can be "categorified" using certain triangulated categories which are Calabi-Yau of dimension 2. The main examples for such categories are the cluster categories associated with quivers without
oriented cycles and the stable module categories of preprojective algebras of Dynkin quivers. In this talk, we will present a unified framework for linking suitable 2-Calabi-Yau categories to cluster algebras following joint work with R. Dehy, C. Fu, Y. Palu, and I. Reiten.

Concurrent Activities

Registered Participants

Thomas Brustle University of Sherbrooke
Andrew Carroll Northeastern University
Giovanni Cerulli Irelli University of Padova
Calin Chindris University of Minnesota
François Huard Bishop's University
Sachin Gautam Northeastern University
Colin Ingalls University of New Brunswick
Leila Khatami visiting Harvard
Don King Northeastern University
Michael King Boston College
Mark Kleiner Syracuse University
Daniel Labardini-Fragoso  Northeastern University
Shiping Liu University of Sherbrooke
Alex Martsinkovsky Northeastern University
David Massey Northeastern University
Mara Neusel Texas Tech
Charles Paquette University of Sherbrooke
Pierre-Guy Plamondon University of Sherbrooke
Jeremy Russell Northeastern University
Ralf Schiffler University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Kavita Sutar Northeastern University
Gordana Todorov Northeastern University
Thao Tran Northeastern University
Jerzy Weyman Northeastern University
Kristin Webster Northeastern University
Shih-Wei Yang Northeastern University
Andrei Zelevinsky Northeastern University
Sebastian Zwicknagl University of California, Riverside

To register or for further information, contact Alex Martsinkovsky alexmart >at< neu >dot< edu or Gordana Todorov g.todorov >at< neu >dot< edu

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